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Warning! When you make a purchase at Morningstar you are agreeing to be bound by these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.


  • All products are described and displayed on the website in the most accurate way possible through text and pictures, and all have a list of included items in its description.

  • Due to different monitor and lighting setups, the color of the final product might differ from the pictures on the website. Morningstar can not be held responsible for those differences.

  • All products and accessories from Morningstar are manufactured through a hand-made process, and because of that the final product might be slightly different from the pictures on the website. Morningstar can not be held responsible for those differences.

Usage by children

  • Morningstar’s products are artistic products that are delicate and may contain small parts; therefore, they are not suited to be used by children younger than 13 years. If a child wants to interact with a Morningstar product, it’s indispensable the supervision by a responsible grown-up. In case of an accident, Morningstar cannot be held responsible.

Buying our products

  • Our products are available for purchase through our website, depending on our stock availability.

  • There's a limit of one doll per customer, if a customer buys more than one doll at a time, we'll cancel and refund the order.

  • We’ll announce in our website and in our social media channels whenever new products are stocked.

  • We no longer accept pre-orders.

  • We do not reserve our products; but we can negotiate special situations, just contact us.

Our Partners

  • Morningstar has a partnership with some artists who offer a customisation service to our customers, like face-ups.

  • These artists are independent and do not represent Morningstar, and vice-versa. It’s a partnership that seeks to offer the most cost-effective options to our customers.

  • The cost of our partners’ services are not included in the prices shown in Morningstar’s website. This cost must be negotiated between the customer and the partner artist, and Morningstar does not intervene nor holds any responsibility on such agreement.

  • If the customer is interested in hiring one of our partner artists, just notify us at the time of purchase and we’ll assist both parties to get in contact.

  • After the negotiations between the customer and the partner artist are finished, we’ll send the product directly to the artist. When their work is finalised, the artist will return the product to us and we’ll take care of shipping it to the customer.

  • There are no additional costs to the customer relative to the product’s transportation between Morningstar and the partner artist.

  • Morningstar cannot be held responsible for possible problems resultant of the artist’s work.

  • Learn more about our partner artists on the Our Partnerspage.


  • All products are priced and are charged in Brazilian reais (BRL).​

  • The converted prices to US dollars are shown next to the prices in Brazilian reais for conference. The actual value charged by PayPal or the credit card company may vary according to the currency exchange.​

  • The shipping costs are not included in the prices shown on the website (when applicable - please read Shippingsection).

  • Custom taxes are not included in the prices shown on the website. Inform yourself on the existing custom taxes of your country before placing your order.

Payment by Brazilian customers

  • We accept three payment methods for Brazilian customers: PayPal, PagSeguro and bank transfer.

  • The customer can choose between paying it fully in one instalment, through a instalment plan with his/her credit card (only with PagSeguro) or through our layaway plan.

  • If bank transfer is the chosen method, we’ll send our bank info through email, and the customer will have 5 business days to pay. Only after the The order will only be confirmed after the amount is credited in the designated account, otherwise it will be cancelled.

Payment by international customers​

  • We only accept one payment method for international customers: PayPal.

  • The customer can choose between paying it fully in one instalment or through our layaway plan.


  • Our layaway plan has two instalments, the first one is due when the order is acknowledged, and the second one is due after 30 days.

  • We’ll send the client an e-mail with payment instructions. The client then has 5 days to make the first payment, or the order will be cancelled.

  • After 30 days, we’ll remind the customer to make the second payment. The client then has 5 days to make the second payment, or the order will be cancelled.

  • The product will be shipped only after all payments are confirmed.

  • If the order is cancelled during the layaway process, either by the will of the customer or of our company, we'll return the full value paid by the customer.


  • After the order is confirmed, we’ll ship the product within 7 days. The order can still be cancelled during this period, with full refund, just contact us. For more information, please read the Cancelling orders and returning the product section.

  • We have two shipping methods for Brazilian customers: SEDEX or PAC. The customer will receive the tracking number as soon as we ship the package. For more information on SEDEX and PAC, please visit the Brazilian postal service website(in Portuguese).

  • For international customers, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we'll ship through DHL. The customer will receive the tracking number as soon as we ship the package. However, some countries might impose new restrictions at any time, and if any problem occurs, we'll contact the customer and try to solve it the best we can.

We cannot be held responsible for postal service losses of packages.

Cancelling orders and returning the product

  • To cancel your order, just contact us.

  • If the product hasn’t been shipped yet, the order will be cancelled immediately and we’ll provide a full refund as soon as possible, depending on the payment method.

  • If the product is already in transit, we’ll kindly ask the customer to wait until its arrival so we can arrange its return and refund (see next topic).

  • Respecting Brazilian laws, the client has up to 7 days after the arrival of the product to exercise his/her return right. If so, the client must contact us to settle on the product’s return. The product must be on perfect conditions, and if everything is adequate, we’ll refund the costumer.

  • If a part arrives broken due to mishandling by the postal service, we can replace it with no additional cost, as long as the client send us a picture of the part up to 5 days after the package’s arrival.

  • If a part brakes outside of the warranty period and the client wants a replacement, we can sell such piece separately, but the color might be different. Morningstar can not be held responsible for those differences.


  • Respecting Brazilian laws, the products have a 90 days warranty from the day of its arrival.

  • If any conformity fault on the product is found during this period, the client can ask for a refund or a replacement of the faulty part or of the entire product. In the case of a replacement, it’s possible that the color of the new part/product doesn’t match the previous color, and Morningstar can not be held responsible for those differences.

  • Products that are modified by the client are not covered by the warranty. We qualify as modifications any change on the overall sculpture of the product. Examples: sanding, drilling cutting or carving the parts, expanding a part size with some chemical product, etc.

  • Products misused by the client are not covered by the warranty. We consider misusing the product any action by the client that is listed as improper in the product’s manual.

Intellectual Property

  • All products sold by Morningstar are registered and protected by the Brazilian laws of Intellectual Property, and cannot be replicated without authorization.

  • All content in the Morningstar website is property of Morningstar and cannot be reproduced without authorization.

About this document

  • We reserve the right to modify the content of these Terms and Conditions at any time.


  • Every order is bound to the Terms and Conditions available on the website on the moment of its confirmation.

Last update: 2020-10-22

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