I'm Bruna Buzatto! Nice to meet you!

This is my and Morningstar's story.

It all started in 2008, in São Paulo, Brazil, when a friend first told me about BJDs. It was love at first sight, and I knew that I really, really wanted to collect and know everything about them.


What really caught my attention was how customizable BJDs are. Even today, my favorite aspect of the hobby is to see how the same sculpture can end up with such different appearances and personalities according to the collector.

But I was still a college student, having a hard time to get through financially, so I had to just admire BJDs through my browser window.

That’s when it occurred to me: What if I sculpted my own doll?

I started researching materials and tutorials on sculpting, modeling and casting, and began to make a doll on my own. It was a very difficult but very fulfilling process, where not only I learned a lot, but also dicovered a new passion: sculpting.

The end result of all this process was my very first doll, called Sophie.

I was very proud, but felt that I could make an even better doll.


After I graduated and got a job, I finally could buy my first BJD,

and it was another great inspiration: I could finally study closely

the joints and the workmanship of a real doll, not just pictures on

my computer.

So I went back to the drawing board, and started everything

again, but this time more confident of my own abilities.

After a lot of work, Caroline came to be.



By this time, I was already part of the BJD community, and made many friends. And they really liked Caroline, incentivating me to make a store and sell my creations.


After a lot of thinking and researching, here is my own store and brand of BJDs: Morningstar.


I hope you like my creations!

the process

The entire process happens here, in Brazil, from start to finish.


I begin drawing some concepts on paper, so I can have a notion on size and position of the many parts of the doll.


Then I begin sculpting each part in paper clay, epoxy and even sculpting wax, always testing if each part fits with each other. I use primer to help me finish the pieces.


After that comes the molding part, where I make two-part (or more) silicon molds for each piece. Also, to make sure the mold is bubble free, I let it harden inside a pressure chamber.


With the molds ready, I can finally make the casting with resin. Once again, I like to use the pressure chamber to make sure the pieces are perfect, without any air bubbles.


To finish, I sand each piece to remove any imperfection that it might have.

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